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Right or Left ?

Can you please tell me the direction to this place ?

Yes, go straight and then take a left turn….

Whose left? yours or mine?

mine, then turn right…


A very important question, whose right or left ?

There are instances where doctors have fumbled with Left and Right and ended up cutting the left organ instead of the right or vice versa.

Once I took my brother-in-law to an esteemed hospital with his dislocated left shoulder. He was having severe pain as we had to travel more than 100kms to reach the hospital from our ancestral home. The attending doctor was about to prescribe X-Ray before any procedure. 

He stopped, then took his left hand forward followed by the right hand, I heard him murmuring “Left, Right, Left…”. Then wrote some thing on the paper.

Immediately he asked us which shoulder is it? We said its his left.

Then he rectified something on the paper and left.

When I was learning how to drive, I found its really difficult to turn on the exact side while maneuvering the back gear. There are people I know, if you tell them to turn right they will invariably turn left, finding it difficult to judge the side.

In this part of the world every single person has a political inclination. On a lazy, sorry any afternoon if you visit a street side tea stall you will spot three types of people. One inclined towards the Left, the other towards the Right and rest towards their back enjoying the discussion. At times this left and right inclination disrupts the law and order of the place too.

Have you observed where you could land up if you clicked the right instead of the left on a computer mouse? 

In my childhood days everybody (mostly) used to create hair parting on their left side. But I found it very difficult in front of the mirror.  As the mirror only showed how I will look with the parting on the right side. So I started parting on my right side and the mirror showed me exactly how I look with the parting on the left.

So difficult, you know.

This Right and Left is very much part of our daily life and yet it could land you on a sinking sand if you don’t know them for sure.

For me this “Right” and “Left” was about to turn my life upside down. 

That day I was going for a professional trip and my beloved wife got emotional. She held my hands and looked at me with teary eyes. I was just about to get emotional too. Suddenly she gasped my hands firmly and shouted,

“Where is your wedding ring?” 

I was even more shocked because of the fact that its of pure gold but the thing was going to be more dangerous than that. Then I realised she was hunting for it on my right hand instead of the left. 

I left in one piece.

They say our left brain is in control of our right side of the body and vice versa. If God is at fault, we are mere mortals, right?


Text & Photos : ARIJIT SEN


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