Age Is Just A Number?

“Age is just a number”.
This can only be said by a person who has lived his/her life fully well in control of the situations that cropped up.
You see one can’t start going to school if he/she hasn’t attained a particular age. Again, one can’t vote if he/she has not reached a certain age. We know that one can’t drink alcohol before a certain age. Also one can’t get married before a stipulated age. One has to retire from job after a particular age.
And they still say age is just a number?
There are some hidden age barriers too. Someone marrying late face people’s judgements and comments. One can’t conceive late since the body clock is ticking hard. One can’t apply for a job late as again you need to be a certain age to be deemed a ‘fresher’. One can’t get a government job after a certain age again for a set criteria.
And they keep saying age is just a number!
There are some exceptions too. One can get extensions after extensions for a certain post even after retirement. No matter how many people are waiting in the queue to get that job.
Still age is just a number?
Those who are waiting in the job queue eventually lose their working age. Yes this is pretty common. You will find these priveleged souls in all sectors who hold on to a chair in the name of honorary service doing very mediocre job, earning a lions share, all thanks to their contacts. But there are professionals who cannot get a job after a certain age, no matter how experienced they are. Unfortunately if you are in your mid 40’s with years of experience, no one will even touch your CV. They consider you way costlier than others.
Still age is just a number?
In the last couple of years, I have applied for nearly hundreds of jobs. No one has even sniffed my CV, to be honest. I have diversified to videography and video editing leaving my passion for photography. No one showed any courage to invest in my work.
I shredded all my experience and wanted to do an internship in the field of video editing. But ,no , I was told I can’t do an internship since I have missed that age bracket. Internships therefore are not meant for a bald headed person in his 40’s.
But you see age is just a number!
Tomorrow is my 44th birthday and people are going to wish me a “Happy Birthday”!
Yes, of course it will be so because as we know one thing for a fact that : AGE IS JUST A NUMBER!


Text & Photo : ARIJIT SEN


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